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The Inception Meeting Marks The Official Start Of The B20 2022 Cycle

Jakarta, February 4th, 2022

To mark the formal and public start of the B20 Indonesia Summit 2022, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), as the organizer, will convene a preliminary meeting or B20 Inception Meeting with all representatives of G20 countries in Jakarta on January 27—28, 2022.


The inaugural B20 Indonesia 2022 Summit will bring together 1,500 delegates from G20 member countries, including corporate leaders, high-ranking government officials, and business associations, as well as many keynote speakers who will address the most pressing priority issues of the global economic agenda.


According to Arsjad Rasjid, the Chairperson of KADIN, who is also in charge of the B20 Presidency, the B20 Indonesia 2022 forum is themed “Innovative Progress, Inclusiveness, and Collaborative Growth.” Through a joint forum with the worldwide business community that will offer policy papers, the goal is to lead to a stronger and more sustained recovery stimulus for all countries.


The derivatives of the three priority issues are continuing collaborative recovery and growth by facilitating cross-border cooperation to make a stronger recovery together, boosting an innovative global economy by harnessing the potential of rapid technological progress and creativity, and forging an inclusive and sustainable future by empowering women and MSMEs and preserving livable earth.


President Jokowi is expected to attend the B20 Inception Meeting, where he will open the event and provide guidance on three priority issues that must be addressed at B20, namely Global Health Architecture, Digital Transformation, and Energy Transition. The president expects that by mastering these three aspects, the country’s enormous aim of becoming the world’s seventh biggest economy by 2030 can be accomplished.


Airlangga Hartarto, the Coordinating-minister for the Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, will be one of the primary speakers at this preliminary meeting, in addition to President Jokowi. Airlangga will speak on Indonesia’s plans and priorities for the G20 presidency, as well as the significance of the B20 Forum in the context of the G20.


“The government wants the B20 Forum to serve as a springboard for Indonesia’s economic recovery. This is because the forum will bring together business leaders from global corporations, organizations, and the business community from all G20 member countries to provide formulations and feedback on economic recovery throughout the epidemic,” noted Arsjad.


One of the most essential aspects of the B20 Indonesia 2022 Inception Meeting is the presence of high-ranking officials and delegates from G20 countries who contribute fresh ideas and insights regarding recommendations or policies that must be implemented in the context of post-pandemic economic recovery.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is also the Executive Chair of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, and Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chair of the World Economic Forum, are among the high-ranking delegates who will be present as keynote speakers, according to Shinta Kamdani, Deputy Chairperson for Maritime Affairs, Investment, and Foreign Affairs and Chair of the B20 Organizer.


Tony Blair will speak about the importance of global health in ending the present pandemic as well as joint efforts in preventing future pandemics. Meanwhile, Prof. Klaus will speak about the critical importance of collaboration and innovation among many stakeholders in addressing global issues.


In addition, Dr. Kishore Mahbubani of the Asian Research Institute at the National University of Singapore will give an overview of the changing geopolitical context as a result of the pandemic, the implications for business, and what policy recommendations the B20 group should pay attention to at this event.


Meanwhile, Brad Smith (President & Vice-Chairman of Microsoft), Joseph C Tsai (Executive Vice Chairman of Alibaba), Michael R Bloomberg (Founder of Bloomberg LP), Alok Sharma (President of COP26), Amin H Nasser (President & CEO of Saudi Aramco), and Mark Carney (UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance) will participate in the Fireside Discussion on the topic of innovation and sustainability.


Business leaders from these massive multinational corporations, Shinta believes, will provide insight into what collaborations, innovations, and technologies are possible to help the world recover from the pandemic, as well as the steps that businesses can take to keep the planet livable, including in the environmentally friendly energy sector.


“KADIN Indonesia is hoping that this forum would generate ideas that can be translated into regulations and tangible investments.” Of course, in order to achieve this, the business community or entrepreneurs must collaborate with the public (government) in the implementation of large-scale investment projects that will have a significant-good influence on society and the country,” Arsjad said.


This preliminary B20 meeting is held with the support of PT Astra International Tbk, PT Bayan Resources Tbk, PT Indika Energy Tbk and Sinar Mas Group.



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