Aligned with the goal of the B20 Indonesia presidency, the Digitalization Task Force organized a dialogue forum with the G20 ministers and global stakeholders, with the aim of raising awareness around tackling challenges on digitalization that we face today:

1. Different levels of readiness hamper the ability of countries and businesses to utilize digitalization as a key driver for national building and economic development

2. The lack of digital infrastructure and literacy

3. Insufficient support for MSMEs digital transformation

4. Issue of cyber security and basic rights in the digital era


We design this event to report and promote strategic discussion around the actionable policy recommendations developed during the B20 cycle by the Digitalization Task Force.


We have formulated four recommendations to support our key theme and guide our discussion during the B20 – G20 Dialogue; these recommendations are “Drive Universal Connectivity”, “Build a foundation for a sustainable and resilient digital economy”, and “Ensuring a digital ready mindset for individuals and MSMEs, and enabling MSMEs through access to digital platforms”, “Promote risk- based, interoperable, evidence-based and technology-neutral cybersecurity standards and best practices that support companies' efforts to protect their networks”


The B20 – G20 Dialogue will be attended by global business leaders along with ministers from Indonesia and other G20 countries. The core of the event will be on the panel session where our esteemed Co-Chairs, representing prominent corporations, will speak on the key highlights of each recommendation.


Digitalization Task Force B20 – G20 Dialogue will be held using a hybrid format on:

Date       : 7th of July 2022

Time      : 18.00 (GMT+7)

Registration Link:  

July 07 - July 07, 2022
06:00 pm Jakarta/Asia
Online Meeting